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The origins of the sword of Scripture which I brandish

Zerrubabel Rainmaker
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United States
11/16/2012 01:45 AM
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The origins of the sword of Scripture which I brandish
This blinding sword of light is yet to be contrained; still it will not refrain or return void of its work, commanding glorification at every direction in performance of its design. The sword of the Scriptures was forged in the everlasting fires of the Holy Spirit of God, even beyond its manifestation in the stone of Moses from Horeb to Mount Sinia. It was assembled by shards of spiritual steel with the artisan angels of the High Command, in guidance of His holy throne for infinite perfection. Before Eden of Genesis and the early settlements of southern Mesopotamia, and beyond the promises to Abram, the father led from Shinar, it was first fashioned and sculptured without the casting words or molds of men. This sword was brought forth before the ancient genealogies, being purged with the truths of the Most High, to be unsheathed in ancient Egypt and Babylon, polished by the hearts of the children of the Almighty. From holy Moses to Apostle John on the island of Patmos, it was assembled from the steely words of the Lord into the letters and languages of mankind. Judgments of the Law were at once set on its razor-sharp edge, and at its second edge is the beautiful grace of protection from the Mercy Seat of the Commander of the hosts. Its blade is clothed in the red tint of a permanent stain, from piercing point to hilt by the sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ.

This is the sword which every soldier of light is trained to handle at the hilt, to master at its blazing work, to give him or her strength to divide the doom of the darkest of nights by His glorious light. This is the Word which must be grasped before the fruits of the Tree of Everlasting Life can be reached by those returning to the paradise of God.

Though this sword has been called by many names; though it has been assembled through millenniums and various ancient empires; though its shards of truths have been employed in the divided works of many teachings of faiths; it will unite in one a people of the Spirit, even as the sword of the Spirit is one from beginning to end, spanning the ages of God among us, in the works appointed to restore honor and justice among mankind. This sword will neither falter nor fail amidst its felled foes on the battlefield of spiritual truths in our times. To strengthen the weak; to bring the joy of gladness, anointing, goodwill among us; to bring down every force which has united against the angels of our Holy God; this sword makes a complete end to every lie, all hypocrisy, to every malicious deception, and it will rest in the hands of a united mankind- resting in a crystal-clear beauty with the invisible Holy Spirit of God.

Be confident in this sword, for its time to unite and train has come, to restore all things for the coming of the Great King- its Lord.
Anonymous Coward
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United States
11/16/2012 01:59 AM
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Re: The origins of the sword of Scripture which I brandish