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Message Subject Ancient N.Z.
Poster Handle Ra
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The British convicts and liars destroyed all evidence of the developed Culture of the Maori like they did in Africa and instead promoted their own anglo-roman-judaic beliefs (slavery, land ownership, human capital exploitation) upon the local population
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1302314

um i belive we're talking about the fairskinned celtic types that were there before the Maori.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27854952

Yup agreed the celts were there before the Maori. The Maori ate them out. But yet it seems it is the whites in New Zealand that want to suppress this truth not the Maori. But why? Upsets the balance of power and common belief? Why? Come ob Pakhea's explain why?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25660955

Because the web of lies around the world would then unravel, systems of control will lose there power.....

This is not a Moari Pakhea issue, this is a issue of man kind, of the earths true history.

North island, the fish of maui, it is knowledge marked out in 3d form, earth, heaven, and man........

You heard of the dude, Enki, the one covered in a fish...

Not only were the celts here, but many more other peoples too, there was a muilty cultural sociaty working as one.

This is recorded in the waitaha whakapapa....

To some extent the suppression benifits maori as well, regarding the treaty of waitangi, what if most of the world decided to come back and claim ancestrail relationship to the land?, which by maori protacal, would be there right.

In that regard the knowledge held within the land belongs to the world, in a way it is a inheritance from the past.

Maori was just one group from that ancient civilization, alot of the history is the history of other nations.....

Maori culture has preserved a lot of that knowledge, due to the isolation factor, it is a key to unlocking or providing the understanding/perception nessessary for many key mystical knowledge.

just sayin
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