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Thanksgiving Suggestions for a newbie cook...

Laura Bow

User ID: 1158661
United States
11/19/2012 12:52 PM
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Re: Thanksgiving Suggestions for a newbie cook...
Thanksgiving is not the time to 'learn' to cook, but I applaud your love for family and friends to cook for them. If you have the money, or could ask help with the money by those who are coming, I would get a catered type meal from Costco or Krogers.

There are wonderful video's on how to cook turkeys.

[link to www.youtube.com]

[link to www.youtube.com]

[link to www.youtube.com]

are my favorites.

Your turkey should be thawing today (monday), to be unfrozen and ready to cook Thursday morning.
If you don't have room in the fridge, put it in a cooler in your garage or shed.

Stuffing is easy, just used boxed stuffing, use some slightly cooked onion and celery (giblets if you like)poultry seasoning, salt and pepper and don't use water use turkey broth (buy it). This can be made minutes before you serve your turkey.
Pull your turkey out 1/2 hour before serving. Give it time to cool before it is cut into.
You don't have to stuff the turkey with dressing, you can just make your dressing in a dish and microwave it or put it in oven after you pull out turkey.

Cranberries. We do both cooked (frozen berries with some sugar and orange juice) serve in a bowl, and canned, served on a dish sliced in thin slices. These can be prepared the night before and put in fridge.

Mashed potatoes. Cube them up into 2 inch cubes, lets say about 8 potatoes for 6 people. (large potatoes). You can use any type of russett or white potato, don't use red potatoes.
Boil them for about 15 minutes. Take a fork and try to smash one, if it smashes easily, they are ready.
Drain them. Set the pan in the sink, add 1/2 stick of butter. NO MARGARINE yuck! and 1/4 cup milk. Start mashing if they seem a little dry add milk by the teaspoon until they are the way you like them.

Gavy, a good gravy is complicated. I would practice gravy this week. I would not have a problem using 1/2 premade gravy mix or jarr'd gravy and add it to some turking bastings and a bit of watered down flour. But gravy is an art. Always have jar gravy on hand if you screw it up.

Pumpkin pie. Just go buy it, every grocery store practically gives them away. Get some whip cream or ice cream and you have a nice dessert. Lots of bakery stuff available wednesday, go get some for snacks.

Sweet potatoes, buy them canned, put them in the micro or oven with some brown sugar and let them heat up. Don't have to do much, put marshmellows on the top if you want more festive look.

Buy some cheese bricks, crackers, pretrimmed veggies (gordon foods) and some dips. Put these out in living room and turn on the games, let them graze on these while you struggle in the kitchen. This helps get the stress of you to have dinner exactly when everyone arrives (that never happens) and helps people shut up (eating snacks) and not starve, I'm hungry i'm hungry gets irratating.

My motherinlaw started a tradition with her grandchildren when they all became pre-teens.
She has 6 grandkids (boys and girls). Each Thanksgiving and Christmas 2 of the kids would come the day before or afternoon before the holiday. And spend it with her.

Playing the computer and watching tv?

oh no

They helped make the pies, the dressing, clean the veggies. Bring up her special dishes from the basement. They would set the two huge dining room tables with linens, candles, decorations, special silver and china. They made placecards, they did dishes and they made the snack platters.
My 22 year old son and his 23 year old cousin (males) are helping this year since 2 of the daughters are out of state, and the other two daughters will do Christmas.

These kids don't gripe about this. They now consider it an honor.

Start traditions like this with your family. Neices, nephews, someone who may not seem interested or involved may actually love to do this (after the balking and sighing of course).
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27129259

This is a good point to highlight again, since it does take a few days for a large turkey to thaw.
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