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pretribulation rapture

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United States
11/16/2012 03:08 AM
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pretribulation rapture
Godspeed everyone,some of you guys are getting beat up over when the rapture occurs.So ill try to help. Number one,in the first five books of the bible it says what will happen in three days.Then you go to the new testament and you will notice it says the same thing ! But in the futuristic sence, for example JOHN2.2.1And the THIRD DAY there was a marriage in Cana of Galilee,and the mother of jesus was there. Notice the marrriage happened on the third day,ok,that is when the marriage supper of the lamb is ON THE THIRD DAY.Ok now Ezekiel 19.11 says[and be readyagainst the third day;for the third daythe lord will come downin the sight of all the people upon mt sinai.now this is in the begining of the third day.jesus was here 2thouand years ago,so its the begining of the third day.Also there has been 6 thousand years of people on earth,so it is also the begining of the 7th day.Ok,now leviticus19.6 [It shallbe eaten the same day ye offer it,and on the morrow;and if ought remainuntil the third day it shall be burnt in the fire] Ok again Your sins have to be atonned for by the third day or youll be burnt in the fire .This is a picture of one of the 5 foolish virgins that was not ready.Ok keep in mind this ,the bible says [pray that you can escape THAT DAY because it will happen to everyone who lives on the earth. Very important people,It says pray to escape THE DAY. NOw why does it call it a [day? Because when you pray to escape that day you would have to make it in the rapture because the SPIRITUAL QUAGMIRE that you were in before tribulation[ore the third day] would be the same all through the third day.SO in other word TO ESCAPE THAT DAY you would have to had made it in the rapture,And that is exactly why the millenium is 1thousand years! because it is 1 day Psalms 90.4 states 1thousand years is as a day.