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Poster Handle eve incognito
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I mean there very no war crimes committed with generals,

They were bright spot in the army moral and good people you

can ever count on. If some of soldiers committed crimes this is now there individual responsibility not the responsibility of the generals.
Overall the crimes made by HRV are miserable comparing with crimes made by JNA and Chetniks.

So guys relax go to bar or pub and drink some beer.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27855583

yah i'd call raping and killing 70 year old woman just coz she's ortodox serb miserable too.

whenever you want to glorify the war that happened as something honorable or glorious, i will be there to remind you that it was such fun being muslim in bosnia during the war, especially in srebrenica...

when these women were raped after watching their sons, husbands and father being exsecuted they must have been thinking, what an honorable, glorious war, espacially honorable amongst us are croatians, who decided one year into the war to cut a deal with mislisecvic and suddenly start hating muslims just for being muslim.

the only more honorouble people than croats are the dutch who are watching from their secured UN camp how i'm being raped after all male members of my family age 16 till 60 were exsecuted.

truelly glorious thing was this war, from a bosnian perspective we all here had a fucking blast.
 Quoting: eve incognito 27803051

Croatia is now truly FREE !!!!

Croatia did not invade anyone, Croatians defended their own land, too bad for Bosnian Muslims..... you should take it up with the Serbs.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27202787

no i'm taking it up with you.
gojko sushak was CROATIAN foreign minister when he was also comander- in - chief of HVO, BOSNIAN army made up of ethnic croats. INVASION

regual coratian army faught againt BIH army on BOSNIAN TERITORY.

and as far as croatia being free, coratian people wouldn't know the meaning of free if freedom hit them on their heads, just like the rest of the region.
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