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Message Subject OMG, it's NOT A BROWN DWARF!!! IT'S MUCH WORSE!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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That is weird because I think I watched an apocalyptic movie that dealt with the same issue. As it got closer it sucked in everything like a vacuum. They said in the movie,if they used a particle accelerator by launching a ten missile payload nuclear fission bomb at the thing, they would be able to create a wormhole affect that would cancel out the dark matter that was sucking in everything like a vacuum. If I think I got the gist of the movie. The movie is called Quantum Apocalypse. In the end of the movie they launched it and it created like a wormhole like bridge that canceled the thing out sort of, but it made time slip backwards. Then they had to repeat the same scenario. I'm sorry if I am killing a movie plot, but there are some important things you can glean from the movie. It could explain why the Mayans are saying that the US wants to use the particle accelerator on Dec 21. It would produce strangelets which would bind together with the ones that are within the dark matter (space fluff or magnetic ribbon, whatever you are wanting to call it)and cancel it out, but it could produce undesired effects as well. Higher technological beings know already how this works, and we ourselves can hardly grasp it. Perhaps they are trying to solve the problem for us, I do not know exactly. I have seen a few years into the future in a dream, so I do not think this is the end for us.
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Big Bang - the solution to all problems! The guiding principle (US of A principle) is the bigger the problem, the bigger bang required.
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