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Message Subject OMG, it's NOT A BROWN DWARF!!! IT'S MUCH WORSE!!
Poster Handle UndercoverAlien
Post Content
Nice, another guessing bandwagon joining the NIBIRU caravan!

"A magnetic decaying pulsar".

I'm definitely no astrophysicist and I suck in astronomy but I assume this article is saying that pulsars are highly dense stars with very powerful magnetic field and gravitational pull, therefore even though their detection depends on their pulse periods, still there's the orbital disturbance in nearby objects.

So there's a "magnetic decaying pulsar" within the inner system but no astronomer detected its gravitational effects???

(1) Neutron stars are physics laboratories providing extreme conditions (deep gravitational potentials, densities exceeding nuclear densities, magnetic field strengths as high as B1014 or even 1015 gauss) not available on Earth.

(2) Pulse periods can be measured with accuracies approaching 1 part in 1016, permitting exquisitely sensitive measurements of small quantities such as the power of gravitational radiation emitted by a binary pulsar system or the gravitational perturbations from planetary-mass objects orbiting a pulsar.
 Quoting: [link to www.cv.nrao.edu]

Any astronomer in the house??

Astromut? Anybody else interested in science, not in fear mongering?
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