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Message Subject OMG, it's NOT A BROWN DWARF!!! IT'S MUCH WORSE!!
Poster Handle Deej
Post Content
...not my writing, just my posting

All of this about Planet X being a brown dwarf is BS, it's a DECAYING MAGNETIC PULSAR!! This explains why it's sometimes visible, sometimes not. It explains why NICT was taken down. It explains why our magnetic field is breaking down. It explains why frogs/bees/bats/whales/dolphins/migrating birds are dying off. It explains all of these false flags to justify heightened levels of radiation. It explains why all major cities are now monitoring radiation on a daily basis.



 Quoting: Person445

Take a breath.....then take your meds....you'll be fine. rolleyes

Holy anxiety attack Batman. pokeye
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7702124

that's right, stick your head deeper... deeper into the sand.

There, you'll be all right little sheepy

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