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Message Subject Corporate Elite: "WE WANT TO CRUSH THE UNIONS" David Koch - Governor Scott Walker
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I've never figured out who I want to support in this war. The mega-unions don't give a shit about their members and only want to beat down the corporations so they can make their members pay dues and get kickbacks from the mega-corps. The mega-corps just want reasonable labor costs so they can make a profit to reward their customers with lest costly products and reward shareholders with earnings.


Kickbacks, politics, blackmail and lies.

Profit, reasonable costs, shareholder earnings.


Such a difficult decision.

Of course there are those companies that screw their workers (of course most workers feel their screwed because they're lazy and worthless.

Of course there are also those unions that discipline their worthless workings and support reasonable working condistions.

I've got an idea! Lets just enforce the state and federal labor laws and force companies to do the right thing! Yeah!

Ooops! Sorry unions! Guess we don't need your blackmailing and kickbacks anymore! Buh-bye!
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