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Message Subject Assassinated Hamas Leader, Received Draft Of Gaza Truce Agreement Shortly Before Death
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
as soon as the Christians in America
realize they are supporting the wrong side,
they are gonna realize they have been duped
from day one.

Israel is NOT a friend to America.

America is just a stepping stone for them
on their way to Zionist World Domination.

And when they get it ....
the Christians will be eliminated
just like the Muslims.

Christian Preachers stand in their
pulpits every Sunday and preach to
the masses that they should support
the Jewish and Israel.

But they DON'T tell them that there
are no real JEWISH in Israel.

the 12 tribes of Hebrews left
Palestine and have never returned.

So ALL of Christianity has been
duped to fight and die for a total
bullshit lie ever since 1947.
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