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Message Subject Assassinated Hamas Leader, Received Draft Of Gaza Truce Agreement Shortly Before Death
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What is it with this Khazar nonsense that pops up
in every thread concerning Israel?

The anti-semites who propagate these lies have one
"little" stumbling block,
2000 years of jewish history, and 2000 years of
written jewish history by gentile secular authors.

You may delude a small segment of brain-dead numbskulls
such as yourselves, but ANYONE with a library card
could tear your fiction to pieces.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27861185

I am NOT an Anti-Semite.
You fvckers just love throwing
that term around like Obama loves
throwing the RACE CARD around.

I love the Jewish people.
However the Jewish people are not in
charge of Israel. Khazars are in charge
of Israel. Khazars are ZIONISTS.
It was Rothschild who penned
the Elder Protocols of Zion.

The Czar of Russia stole a copy of those
documents written by Rothschild and published
it in a Russian newspaper in 1903 exposing
Rothschild and his Zionist agenda.
And in revenge for this, Rothschild funded
the Bolshevik Revolution against the Russian
Czar which eventually led to World War 1.

Rothschilds and Zionism has been the root
cause of every major war in this world.

now ... who is the real terrorist here ???
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