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Like that will ever happen or ever work. Ancient history is still at play in the Middle East. They will never forget whats been done on all sides.

The Radicals of today are the ones that need to be stopped. They have nothing better to do and no futures so they tear down everybody elses.

These young men radicals have no incomes or good jobs so they join the movements to have somthing to do and access to goods and money.

Empoverished people have nothing to loose.

This needs to be solved in the Middle East once and for all and Radical Sharia Islam needs to be put to bed. They are the only religion coveting war. Period. They are the only religion thats wanting to destroy Infidels ( WEST ) Us. Britian. UK well everybody. They believe they are the true religion of god. They want to convert us to Sharia Law.

I know for a fact that I will never convert to Sharia Law for one because I am a Women. I don't know about the rest of you but I think most of the World does not want to either.

They need to all go back to their own roots and their own Countries of origin and stay there. If they don't then we need to do somthing about once and for all or the World will never know peace ever. Everybody is entitled to believe what they believe no matter what but not expect or force everybody else to take the same path and not by force or by tyranny. Islam and Sharia Law and its hate need to go.
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