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Message Subject Can you live off of beans, rice and broccoli?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I've grown tired of trying to diversify meals and plan different things to eat... I wish there was a simpler solution. I would be willing to eat the same thing every day if it were nutritionally sufficient.

EXACTLY MY THOUGHTS! It's so tiresome. If I knew I could eat beans, rice, and broccoli everyday and it be nutritionally sufficient it would make life so much easier. Ha
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27850102

Yup... I'm at the point where eating feels like a chore, I don't get the same satisfaction from eating as I once did... Not that it's practical but if I could just pop a pill and not be hungry and somehow get the energy/nutrients that I need without any harmful side effects - sign me up!


Yeah, because it is. When you roll out of bed that's almost the first thing you have to start thinking about is what I'm going to eat that's healthy and that's going to fill me up for awhile. Day after day after day...I just want a regimen, forget all of these fancy ways to make meals.
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