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Message Subject Can you live off of beans, rice and broccoli?
Poster Handle FuzzleFace
Post Content
Don't forget about eggs OP! I buy a dozen every paycheck, hard boil 9, and leave 3 raw. The boiled ones are good when you're busy, I usually treat them like energy bars, quick and easy source of protein and good fats.

Also you might wanna look into Bee Pollen, it seems a bit hokey, or like something a snake-oil salesmen would be slingin, but personally I've noticed great results eating b.p on a daily basis.

Essentially Bee Pollen contains the broadest spectrum of vitamins and nutrients than any other food. Don't count on it for your protein, but it's a great source of all macro and micro nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. I eat about a tablespoon a day, mixed into a fruit smoothie, if I have that for breakfast, I can usually skip lunch, and eat a late dinner without apparent detriment to my body, and without noticeable hunger pains.
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