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Message Subject Can you live off of beans, rice and broccoli?
Poster Handle gus
Post Content
There is no such thing as a perfect diet. I have tried many types of food and it turns out that all of them have their 'dark side'. While there are lighter and heavier types of food, when we switch to a lighter diet we tend to compensate the lack of calories by consuming a LOT of the foods in hand, which cancels out any benefits that the new diet could have given to us. This means that even the light foods can damage your body if you eat them enough.

Every type of food has negative consequences. Doesn't matter what you eat, you're never safe-- the problems crop up sooner or later. Read the book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price.

Physical degeneration, of which symptoms are often dismissed as 'aging' symptoms, are actually caused by food intoxication (toxemia). More profoundly, aging is also caused by loss sexual energy, but food is key too. The fact is that food triggers inflammatory events as soon as it enters your body.

If you are not feeling 100% healthy, chances are that your nutrition is causing the problem.

From a metaphysical perspective, all food is poison. The reason why people desperately try to find the "perfect" diet is because subconsciously they are unwilling to accept this truth. There are approximately 5000 people who don't need to eat currently on Earth, known as breatharians. Many breatharians are not kooky new agers as you may think ,they are simply people who tried every diet under the sun and then concluded that food itself is the problem, not its color, type, quantity or quality.
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