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Message Subject BREAKING: Jerusalem Under Attack - Hamas Fires Missiles at Knesset!! New Rounds Coming In
Poster Handle truth
Post Content
JERUSALEM belongs to the World. In the contract, of 1948 or so, Jerusalem was set aside as a sort of World Park, and should be turned into a World-public Park. Jews, as usual, are trying to steal our land.

All the Christian nations, and i donot mean Catholic, should ban together, go in there, and turn that area into a World-public park of a religious nature, before the utterly-fallen, Sodomistic Papacy (Pharisees) get it.

Thereis only one existing throne and that is in the Vatican, so Satan, the 666 Beast will be needing it soon, and will be throwing the Papacy out on their sacred butts, so theyare going to want to continue to live in the style to which theyhave become accustumed. Jerusalem is the perfect catch, if they can get it.
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