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Message Subject The number 8
Poster Handle ST In BG
Post Content

The "Stylized" Number 8 ... Is A Representation Of The Orbital Path Of Nibiru ... The Planet Of Crossing !!

The "8" Also Represent The 8 Satellites/Moons Of Nibiru !!

Of The Morbius Loop ... What Is Considered Timelessness Or Infinity ... Again ... This Is Connected With Nibiru ... As Those Who Reside On This World ... Have Extensive Lifespans ... Of Which (1) Orbital Loop = (1) Shar ... This Is Approximately 3,652 - 3,657 Terrestrial/Earth Years !!

**Note: Nibiru Does Not Have To Stay ... On This Orbital Path ... & Is Entirely Independant !! ... Of Which It Can Go To Where It Is Needed !!

**Nibiru Is An Independant Traveling World/Planet ... A Hollowed Out (In Ancient Times) & Technologically Enhanced Space Vessel

**The Planet/Space Vessel ... Has The Ability To Disappear & Reappear From ... One Point/Place ... To Another Point/Place !! ... Time/Space/Distance ... Are Not Issues !!

**One Of It's Functions Is A "Cleansing Mechanism" ... Who's Physical Presense Alone ... Of It's Gigantic Form & Mass Presense ... The Geomagnetic Waves/Displacement Causes Planetary Surface Uphevals/Pole Shifts, Ect. !!

Farewell For Now !!

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