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Message Subject BREAKING: Muslim Brotherhood Mobilizes for Hamas
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Newly formed Muslim Brotherhood. What a bunch of Bullshit.
They invaded Palestine and took it over and now are going to dictate what happens because their stronghold is being shaken.

Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas and Sharia Law have been created to start problems period. More groups and more problems. They can then point finger at each other and say the other one did it.

They are using Palestine as a launching platform for terrorism and using the scared and intimidated people as human sheilds period. Palestine does not have a choice. Play along or die.

This is all one entity. ISLAM and SHARIA LAW. I for one have no intention ever of converting to Sharia Law ever. EVER. The beasts head must be cut off at its source. The source of all this evil is Islam and Islam is Iran period.

You can't sit there and tell eveybody that your going to Destroy a Country because you don't like their RELIGION nad not expect the WORLD to get pissed off.

This needs to get solved once and for all. Its been going on for way too long already. Iran and the Islamic Nations are pure and simple TERRORISM INC. Always have been. People have such short memories.

Islam and Sharis law and Iran have been killing off all there Female child babies for so many years now that there are none left of a decent age to marry. DECENT AGE. Now they take Children as little as 6 years old because if they don't they will never have a women. The instance of rape when they come to our countries is huge because of this and the fact they have to marry their own kind and their are non left to marry because they were murdered as babies.

Their Country is so lopsided now now with hundreds of men to one female because of all the murder of female babies because they were seen to possess no value.

You have all these young men with no futures and no money and no wives and a chance at a normal life so they join these groups to have access to money and goods that they would not have otherwise.

I for one will never convert to Sharia Law Ever. Is that what you want also...? Are you going to convert to their Sharia Laws. If Israel goes down it is the beginning of the end for all of us.

They will tear down all religions for their Sharia Law and are already trying to do it.

They are in Britian and the UK demanding their own territories right now. There will be other palestines but inside different borders. Our borders. Better wake up everybody right now before its too late.
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