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Message Subject BREAKING: Muslim Brotherhood Mobilizes for Hamas
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Shooting missiles into Israel, homemade or not, is total bullshit. What did Hamas expect to happen?

If you keep kicking a dog and it growls at you, that does not mean kick it again. So since Israel warned Hamas over and over again, and when they finally act, how is Israel criminal? Sorry, the world has got this one wrong.

Hamas is using human shields. Why don't they just fight Israel man to man instead of hiding among their women and children? Hamas is evil. They know there will be civilian casualties in Gaza due to the dense population. They know that the world is fooled due to this. They know that 90% of the world cannot think for themselves so they paint the picture for them.

If anyone is to blame for the recent incursion, then that would be Hamas. People need to get this straight.

Go watch the videos on Youtube of Palestinian children trying to provoke Israeli soldiers. Who do you think puts these children up to this type of behavior. Only an evil mind would put children in harms way. Hamas and Palestinians that support the acts of Hamas are evil.
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