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Message Subject The Worst Economic Numbers In More Than A Year
Poster Handle davvi
Post Content
I talked to a girl yesterday that voted for Obama.

She said the Market recovered, unemployment was down, the auto market was saved, and the war in Iraq was over and I was being a racist. Obama needs more time to fix Bush's mess.

This was a white girl. A pretty, skinny, white girl.

She also voted for him because of her person body. I reminded her that a sitting president has no control over her vagina, the supreme court does, but she may need free contraception because in a few short months she won't be able to afford it herself.

I told her the press lied for Obama and everything she told me was false.

In a few months there is going to reckoning unlike anything she has ever seen and hopefully it will dawn on her she made a stupid decision.

It will be impossible to hide the economic numbers much longer. This time they had Sandy, but there won't be much else. This is the king is not wearing any clothes.....

Eventually somebody will point out the obvious and wake up the sheep.
 Quoting: FatalW1shes

oh i doubt it, fatal, other wise intelligent people can not see the cliff we are on, but worse than that they don't want to see it. they don't want to see that what they have supported all of these years is actually the thing that is killing us. there are none so blind....

i don't mind the do-gooders who vote to extend free stuff for themselves and their pet parasites, what does annoy me about them is not only do they vote to spend their money but they also vote to spend my money on their feel-good projects too.

when they vote for more of a welfare state, when they vote for european style socialism and they vote to extend the dependency on government, i often wonder how do they justify calling themselves americans and then vote to be everything that american isn't and was never meant to be?

metaphorically, they vote to adopt the baby and then force us to provide the diapers and raise the kid too.

i resent when i am standing in line at the supermarket, looking at my lonely little piece of chicken and wondering if i can stretch it into two meals, and a welfare breeder and all her off-spring are buying filet mignon and lobster tails for the brood and she whips out her ebt card and pays for it all on my dime.

i don't hate the welfare momma, i hate the liberal voter who extends big momma's dependency on governemnt and keeps raiding my back pocket to do so.
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