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Message Subject ĎInsaneí: US importing food from Japan thatís considered unfit to eat there? (VIDEO)
Poster Handle Waterbug
Post Content
This Article said:
The difference between Japan and the United States is kind of startling. In Japan, at this point the permissible level of radioactivity in food is 100 becquerels per kilogram [...] In the United States the permissible level is 1,200. So Japanís limits are 12 times stronger than ours, which means that we could very certainly be importing food from Japan thatís considered unfit to eat there.

This do not mean it happened!

C'mon, i am not native in English
but every native Speaker need to read it
in the right Way!
 Quoting: the mighty Atom

True ... but even if Japan does it so honestly (your compatriot says it isn't all one would hope for) there are other countries downstream of that, which have lower standards.

One is the United States, if you buy seafood caught in Alaska.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27304459


Radiating Americans: Fukushima rain, Clinton's secret food pact
[link to www.examiner.com]


Gundersen told SolarIMG that high-level people he knows in the State Department said Hillary Clinton signed a pact with her counterpart in Japan agreeing for the United States to continue buying food from Japan, despite that food not being properly tested for radioactive materials.

"So we are not sampling the food coming into the United States," he said, repeating, "The US government has come up with a decision at the highest levels of the State Department, as well as other departments who made a decision to downplay Fukushima."

In April, the month after the powerful tsunami and earthquake crippled Japan including its nuclear power plant, "Hillary Clinton signed a pact with Japan that she agreed there is no problem with Japanese food supply and we will continue to buy them so we are not sampling food coming in from Japan" according to Gundersen.
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