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Subject Official Zakk thread about the Denver UFO !! Thats real, Aliens and Masonic!
Poster Handle Zakk
Post Content
watch now, everyone is saying aliens soon, the thing will be, they were here to whole time.

they cant hide it!

Ok, now understand, they have a number and color system they use and they are all gangsters.

understand that the bloods , crips and one niners are in contact with aliens , which are the mafia (masonic and illuminati (luminous)) and understand, that , masonic hollywood made the movies about whats REAL.

You will be able to hold up the movie for the concept for your brain to understand what ALIENS really are.... what dimension or box they come from.

then you will be able to hold up the youtube video for the real thing...

now blend both, with esp ... and haarp .. close your eyes and use your mer ka bah link (jack) and watch the esp fly!

remember, the government cant cover up or hide the daily youtube ufo show!

its global and only getting bigger by the day!

as for this ufo, I cant believe they show it landing in someones back yard and they posted the address, be careful, this could be a set up to expose them ...
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