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Message Subject The Hamas war on Israel is the first stage...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
well in war games in the med a ferw years back the "red" team won against the fleet by firing everything at oncde

and attacking with ;like small boats and crap

iut overwhelmed the radar systems and red won so they stopped

but no one runs out of ammo

even germany at the end of ww2 still had ammo

its like world leaders buy 8oo million tons of it

at any rate to beat isreal you would have to invade and i don;t think those people like leaving

look at gaza, i mean, get a boat, get out, take a walk or somrhgn

but that means getting a job and working ect, and young men woiuld rather have like no work, some action, and a cause

nuth'n new
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