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Message Subject The Hamas war on Israel is the first stage...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Its genius on the part of hamas, because every time israel responds in a way which has collateral damage it probably strengthens hamas support.

A question you have to ask is are the leaders of hamas the actually ones firing rockets from schools and mosques, because i would stake money on it the guys giving orders to fire rockets at israel are way out of the usual firing line.

Hamas/Hezbollah and the like are just using those they have politicized into this conflict over the decades by islamofascist brainwashing, which is helped by the fact israel cannot defend itself without putting innocents in the middle which is exactly the plan of hamas as it strengthens support. For every innocent israel kills trying to defend itself it probably creates 10 more militants.

I think it is being incorrectly assumed that hamas, hezbollah, and the arab states that support them actually want peace.

I generally think they believe israel to be an affront to islamic dominance in the middle east and they will never give up so long as islam remains the dominant religion in that region.

Fact of the matter is this will probably eventually escalate to a massive war on the level of the 40's and the 70's again one day and that very well could be this year / next year.
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