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Message Subject Wow. Israel is going through the Muslim Brotherhood like warm butter!!!
Poster Handle The Gallows
Post Content
So much for WWIII. Israel is too tactical and precise. This will be over in days. Israel will do the same to Iran. You will hardly notice. Wouldn't be surprised if Israel does the same to the Brotherhood's US backer when done over there.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12035350

bsflag They haven't got the balls to go after a nation that can defend itself, case and point, Iran.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27858362


in 48 they took on 5 nations at once...

in the Six Day War they took on Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, etc.

In 73 it was about the same...

No Balls?

You're just ignorant.

The US has been HOLDING THEM BACK for decades.
 Quoting: G. House

you mean they have observed the time tables setup by the satanic / zionazi new world order.

stop implying countries are anything but distractions at this point. it's ignorant. families run the banks/corps, and the banks/corps run the countries.
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