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Message Subject Wow. Israel is going through the Muslim Brotherhood like warm butter!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The world population is turning against Israel and now sees them for the butchers they are so it's only time before the land is taken back or turned to glass.

Israel is too chicken shit to attack Iran and go one on one with a foe who can fight back and if the USA wants to get involved then I hope Russia, Chian or both step in to even the score.

Zionist puppets in the USA have been feeding isreal with weapons for 50 years now so its about time a few new tools were given to Iran becuse we all want a fair fight don't we now.

Americans are feed a diet of propaganda and think the people in europe like them, they do but only if they bring cash with them but apart from that most now hate americans for not standing up to the corrupt, banker puppet government in the USA

Israel is so full of shit that lighting a smoke could blow the whole place off the face of the earth
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