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Message Subject I thought that electing Obama meant no more wars. What happened?
Poster Handle Sneetch
Post Content
Obama proved over the past year that he has no ability as a leader to handle U.S. foreign affairs.

Instead of working with Netanyahu to negotiate, compromise, and do what needed to be done TO DESERVE HIS NOBEL PRIZE, Obama chose to alienate Israel and put them over the edge, into this insane attack on Gaza.

Obama told Palestine not to push in the U.N. for the special status they want, in order for them to sit at the table of the international community. He knew this would infuriate Israel.

But the only way to get the Palestinians to back down would have been to negotiate using other incentives. Obama doesn't have the skill set.

Besides he spends a lot of time playing golf. Rubbing shoulders with pop stars. Kicking back a beer while watching a game on his giant screen TV.

So Obama dropped the ball with Palestine. He dropped the ball with Netanyahu.

And now Israel is baiting the entire Arab world with this attack on Gaza, and I think they really WANT Tel Aviv to be hit with missiles now, so that America will be forced to enter the coming war.

The danger of the use of nuclear weapons by Israel in revenge is so real. They have them,, and they are not party to any non-nuclear agreement.

Didn't you all know that?
 Quoting: 13th-Century

Settle down Netanyahu.

Israel is more than capable of defending itself.
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