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Subject Just Break Away
Poster Handle Divinityz
Post Content
1) Stop believing what people tell you
2) Stop believing in Love (Very important)
3) Stop believing in politics
4) Stop believing in news/media
5) Stop believing in race
6) Stop believing in jobs
7) Stop believing in control
8) Stop believing in religion
9) Stop believing in drugs/guns
10) Stop believing in freedom (You seriously think you are free… Seriously? )
11) Stop believing in faith
12) Stop believing in belief for example ( I believe I can fly or I believe I can change )

Everything in life is against you. when you let someone or something get a hold of you it is never going to let you go! We are all slaves, no matter the race no matter the religion no matter the social class we all have to work for something or accomplish something in our lives don’t we?

Life comes with consequences and on our first day of birth that is when all the consequences attached to every last one of us and we can’t escape from it because it is with us until we die. The best thing to do now is to rebel but do it smartly. The goal here is to free your mind, body spirit, soul and conciseness

Monitor the different type of consequences for yourself and others take note of it, learn what happens and how to get the better outcomes in life without anything negative trying to follow in your footsteps

You have been in chains since you were born and now it is time for you to know it is time to break away.... Just break away and acquire your true self, your true destiny which you was meant to have and nothing can take that away from you…nothing
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