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CNN Article Bashes the Growing Number of People That Question Mass Media

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United Kingdom
11/16/2012 07:59 AM
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CNN Article Bashes the Growing Number of People That Question Mass Media
Another way to control anyone who wants to know what is really going on. We all know this is happening but it does seem to be getting more brazen

A recent article published on CNN entitled Still ‘paranoid’ after all these years does a great job at equating all those who use critical thinking before guzzling down the toxic drink that is mass media with all kinds of crazy. The word “paranoid” is used about ten times in the article as well as the words “panic”, “wingnut”, “lunatic”, “dupes”, “derangement”, “irrational”, “extremism”, “idiot”, “fearful” and “insecurity”.

Another way the article places the label of “crazy” on people who think outside of the TV box is by mixing ridiculous theories with those that are more credible in order to lump them together and to discredit everything that is not the “official story”. Yet another classic technique is to associate those who seek the truth with racism, terrorism and other scary -isms. A fourth way to discredit non-mainstream information is to equate those who write about alternative news and conspiracies as money-hungry crackpots. All of these techniques are in this CNN article

More of the report on this article is at a site I am not allowed to put a link up to
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