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Message Subject Premonitory dream ! Middle East Epic Doom - East Gate of "Something" being destroyed, Pin pls ^^
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i think i got now a better understanding of the dream.

look , the guys were shooting only at the Book (Quran = Islam) and not at the gate, ok ?

that means they cant get their hands on the East Gate unless they shoot down the Book (aka Islam), and it's what they did in the dream, when Islam was destroyed, the East Gate was theirs.
That means that a full scale military war is ON (or will soon begin) against Islam and Islamic countries to get the hands on East Gate of Jerusalem.
If in my dream they gone by naval ways for the destruction of the Book, it means that they would invade the Islamic countries by naval ways and destroy them totally, at least enough to get the way open to East Gate of Jerusalem.

think about it, i got this dream exactly 2 days after Gaza (islam) being attacked by the zionists (those who wants their hands on East Gate)...what kind of coincidence do you think it is...

trin said he thought it's "ON"...well after that dream, i also think the doom is "ON" , for real this time.

prepare , and bring in the tomato plants
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