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Message Subject Premonitory dream ! Middle East Epic Doom - East Gate of "Something" being destroyed, Pin pls ^^
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
hiho guys ^^

well i wrote the first post as i understood the dream in the first place.
now that i get a better understanding of the dream, i realizz that the thread title is miss leading since it's not the gate that is being destroyed, but the islamic countries that prevents zionists to get their hands on the East Gate.

the more i read myself , the better i understand this recent dream.

yea im used to premonitory dream symbolism since i've done countless of them from the very first years of my life ^^
and yea, i do have countless of premonitory dreams successfully fullfilling.
the problem is that 95% of the premonitory dreams i have concerns my personal life and how it will evolve (events and how i will/shall deal with them etc) in the next days, weeks, months and years.
they all fullfill and never was deceived by one of them.

but from time to time God gives me some "general" premonitory dream that doesnt concern me, but other people, or humanity itself, or even the universe itself (yea its awesome).

since they are rare and significative i began some months ago to write them down, i still wait for 2 "general" premonitory dreams to fulfill, i can share them here if you want.

coming back to symbolism in dreams, well its all related to your knowledge, for example, in this dream i saw French nuclear/conventional submarines, and not USA or Russian subs/ships, that is because i was soldier in french navy and know what looks like and can do the naval ships/subs of french army.
that doesnt mean that french guys will for sure attack islamic countries, it means only that great amount of ships and subs with nuclear weapons capabilities will engage the islamic countries.
And again, in symbolism, the levitating Book, happening being the Quran (and not the Bible of Thora) , it's the best representation possible for Islamic religion and Islamic based countries.
The fact that the Quran was aimed and shot down and turned to a thousand old looking book while it was a fresh healthy Book in the first place means that the attacked country will be plain devastated by nuclear heads , otherwise , why showing nuclear subs in my dream ?
Again, that East Gate thingy told me nothing at first, i thought that the Gate was attacked, but as i stated it was only the book that was aimed, only google told me what was that "East Gate" relating to...Jerusalem, the ultimate goal of the zionists.

symbolism is easy to get if you collect the right pieces of the puzzle and put them in order, so you get the big picture.
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