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Message Subject Premonitory dream ! Middle East Epic Doom - East Gate of "Something" being destroyed, Pin pls ^^
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OP, I would like to hear more about your Judgement Day dream. I believe you, I've seen it in a dream too.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1760117

hiho ^^ , im answering to you from another location, but its me the OP.

ok i'll summ the J.Day pre-dream from my notes, it fits totally with what Islam teaches about J.Day (but Islam doesnt provide the number of the people to be judged, main point of that pre-dream) :

"dream of the 16 August 2012 (Ramadan 28) while sleeping during the day

metaphorical vision / parable of the Day of Resurrection, the consequences of the acts down here and the retribution on the advent of the Great Day.
(im being shown) staging of a sinner who was awarded a great benefit down here and staging of what happens to him on the great day (frightening punishment) with morality (it's staged like a very deterrent warning) to avoid totally and simply to envy the numerous blessings he has been given down here because they caused his loss (on J.Day).
(im being shown) During J.Day, from a pov sight, i lift up my head and close-up vision of a human beings digital counter displaying the fix number of exactly 30 billion (30000000000), sinners and faithfull assembled together in one place, separated each other by 1 meter around in distance.
vision of differentiation between sinners and faithfull according specific criterias : all or part of the face is bright/fluorescent for the faithfull or lava/fire for the sinners, the first ones being calm and at peache while the other being in total panic)
i was in a point of view sight, so i couldnt see my own face (and thus my own fate on that Day, at least i wasnt blind and was in a peacefull state of mind, thanks God, those which are blind on J.Day are the worst of all sinners says God in Quran.) The Judgement is ready to begin, end of the dream."

i would be glad to read what you have been shown in your J.Day dream, share ftw hf ^^

I also had another dream where huge numbers of angels - I mean millions - were descending through the sky, it was an awe-inspiring sight.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1760117

cool , i can also tell you about this one, maybe we were shown the same event , feel free to share the one you had also ^^

ok i'll summ mine from the remnants of my memory
dream occured in middle 2012 some weeks before the J.Day pre-dream (forgot the exact moment)

im somewhere with a pov sight, in something like a very large mainly flat landscape (like a big panorama).
i look up at the sky , it's all cloudy, no space for a ray of light anywhere.
suddenly, accompanied by a some sound that i could merely hear (since it was very distant from me), an amazing gigantic perfect circle hole is created in the clouds (i think it had to be like 15km to 30km in diameter, that's why i had such a great distant sight from the begining of the dream), the clouds are rolling on themselves from down to top in a continous circle horizontal axis motion, this way the hole is widening to go gigantic.
the hole stops growing but the clouds of the border keeps rolling down to top as to keep the hole open and empty.
Then there is like an amazing but scary silence (something like a calm before the storm) for few very long seconds.
Suddenly a very bright light is pouring down like water from the borders of the gigantic hole, something like "niagara falls" of light from the hole directly down to the ground
this gigantic column of light remains for some time then disapears totally.
i use my mind to eye sight zoom in the area of the column of light, and i see overthere levitating in the air countless of white angels with 2 white wings on their back, they all look like clones, it's just an amazing spectacle.
my eye sight is directed to one of them in particular who is different from all others, he has 4 purple wings on his back (2 of them going from lower back to feets,the 2 other from lower back to the head), he seem to be a high grade angel since he talks with a couple of angels in a manner as if he was giving them orders and stuff)
my eight sight suddenly zoomed out, and i saw all the 2 winged angels suddenly rushing down like kamikaze planes.
i looked at their target and saw a great crowd of humans on the land, this looked like a battlefield, they were all fighting, and it appeared to me that the angels were hitting them again and again.
then the dream stoped.

incredible, isnt it ? so i think this one will fulfill during the WW3 ^^
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