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Message Subject Premonitory dream ! Middle East Epic Doom - East Gate of "Something" being destroyed, Pin pls ^^
Poster Handle Zef
Post Content
Bibi is scared of the antichrist? Or is Bibi playing the antichrist? Because when Hamas attacks again like they have been then the antichrist and the world will be blamed for failing to control their Muslim factions. The antichrist will be looked upon as either inept or an enemy of Israel.
There are things going on right now behind closed doors that are supernatural.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27984249

Hey, if it helps, I did see the Lars von Trier movie called "Anti-Christ".

It did NOT look like Bibi Netanyahu OR Barack Obama, however.
 Quoting: Ashton's succulent Volvo 2241832

nah, bibi is not the AC.

remember that Israel is meant to be a full religious state composed only of practicing Jews citizens and following Torah line by line in every matter.
Take note that the AC is not Satan, they are 2 different entities. Ac was purposely created by God to fool the jews (and faithfakers) who rejected the Messiah previously. He will not go in hell/heaven but returned to nothingness.

About the AC :
According to islamic eschatology and prophecies, the AC will undoubtly be a jew of the israelis (since they rejected the Messiah 2000years ago and still waiting for him to come...), a young and strong man with curly hair (at sides of head as an orthodox practicing jew), he will end what bibi began, WW3, erase hamas/fatah and arab presence around israel (expansion of israeli borders), go to jerusalem and destroy the dome of the rock and mosquee al aqsa to get back the sacred "Temple Mount" from the arabs.
He will then order to rebuild the jewish temple for a 3rd time and open the East Gate (the only one of all that is currently closed and that is meant to be opened when the messiah comes according to religious texts) right next to the Temple mount. Israel will seem to rule over the world and thus will look like they are in a golden age (jews uber alles, uber gentiles).
Then he will declare himself "the messiah". And since he has done everything jews expected their awaited messiah to do (get rid of muslims, bring golden age, rebuild temple, open East Gate, expand borders), most of jews in the world will accept him as such.

when this is happening, an arab king will die, the 12th imam will show up and declare himself as such in Mecca, he will build a muslim army and conquer constanstinople. The AC will go and try to kill him. The real Messiah will show up and kill the AC before he lays a hand on the 12th imam.
Jews seeing that their leader was killed will realize that they were fooled by a fake Messiah, and its too late to repent and come back to God.
The jews and other ppl having followed AC will be hunt all over the Earth and killed. The real Messiah will reign for 7 years before dying a human death. World will go in chaos again, God will take the souls of all believers in one time and let the worst ppl face the epic doom "end of the world". Resurection day follows...Heaven/Hell distribution.

so im waiting to see what will happen on 22 january 2013 in the israeli elections that should have occured on october 2013...ask yourself why it was shortened from october to january...something's fishy.

also, it might be a little fairy for some of you, but different sources expect the 21 december 2012 to be the begining of an intrication between our dimension (3) and the upper dimensions (4/5) where higher dimensionals beings currently live (AC is one of them).
This event will litterally allow the AC to come into our world (along with other demons) and take human form.

I think that what i saw in my pre-dream (read first post) is the struggle of AC to get his hands on Temple Mount and East Gate.

So, to finish, the doom is very far to be off, the coming events stinks very badly and will reach you even in your igloo over there...

doom soon damned

lastword: that being said, this is my humble p.o.v and you dont have to buy it or spit on it, let's just wait together for things to unfold as Einstein epic words in Command&Conquer:Red Alert "Time will tell. Sooner or later... time will tell..."

Trinity actually lives in new mexico lolsign
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