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Message Subject Premonitory dream ! Middle East Epic Doom - East Gate of "Something" being destroyed, Pin pls ^^
Poster Handle Zef
Post Content
It looks to me that you have answered your own dream,for it doe's speak of these times,soon after the great battle the Lamb(see 2nd Esdras 13)will gather up the exiles and go to temple mount where eastern gate will open,just like story about "Ali Baba", open "says me"say's the Lamb and the door will open for him....................................sheep
 Quoting: Mi'Kmaq

according to the dream and my interpretation of it, the great battle will be against muslims, and the same who will fight the muslims and return them to stone age will be the same to rebuild the 3rd temple and open east gate, a.k.a the Anti-Christ and its armies (israelis/nato).

sorry for you, it wont be a duel between christianity and islam, but between islam and jews.
Actually christianity (orthodox russia) will make an alliance with islam against jews according to islamic prophecies.

the real Messiah will return only to kill AC (leader of jews) and spread peace all over the world.
This is the end of the great battle, when Jesus reigns over the world from Jerusalem, then and only then your "2nd Esdras 13" will occur.

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