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Message Subject Premonitory dream ! Middle East Epic Doom - East Gate of "Something" being destroyed, Pin pls ^^
Poster Handle Zef
Post Content
did some research about what is coming in the next years.

according islamic eschatology, events will occur in following order :

1) the Great War
2a) conquest of constantinople (istanbul)
2b) 12th imam apparition
3) False Messiah apparition
4) Jesus return
5) NWO army sent against Jesus (gog & magog)


details :

1) WW3, ends with nuclear heads decimating most of Earth population and technology.
An israeli/Nato (jew-christian alliance) army will go to saudi arabia, a muslim army will go from Medina to fight them and wins the battle (1/3 dies, 1/3 flee, 1/3 wins)

2a) The victorious muslim army form 1) will conquer constantinople and give back to russia the Sophia cathedral.

2b) 12th imam apparition in Mecca : An army from israel region will go to kill him but will be totally swallowed by earth near Medina.

3) False Messiah apparition : the army having conquered constantinople hears that the False Messiah appeared in Damascus. They go in Damascus and align ranks to fight him but the call to prayer is made so they go in make the prayer in a mosquee.
At this moment Jesus returns; 12th imam says everyone in the mosquee "this is Jesus son of Mary".
12th imam offers Jesus to lead the prayer due to his respect to him but Jesus refuses claiming that the leader of the army shall lead the prayer, thus Jesus prays behind the 12th imam who leads the prayer.
At the end of the prayer the mosquee doors are opened and the False Messiah is waiting to slain 12th imam, but when he see Jesus he flee in panic, but Jesus catch him and kill him.

4)The achieved NWO (global gov) sends all their army (earth wide army) against Jesus, but they are all decimated.


Additional info :

-Between the End of the Great War (ww3) and the apparition of the False Messiah, 7 month have elapsed.

-The False Messiah will be in our dimension of space and time as a human for 37 days (then he gets pwned by Jesus)


Conclusions :

12th imam wont appear before the end of nuclear war, neither Jesus , neither False Messiah.
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