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Message Subject The Nobody Is...
Poster Handle gd2balive
Post Content
Let US remind you that a pure heart of innocence is not an ignorant thing nor weak,it is the signature of the Divine Law dwelling within for to correct and to council and to make all things whole once again...

The Veil of darkness that has flooded over this current generation has borne its own end and ITS Time is short for they will and are destroying themselves by the WOMB of their own making which is THE destruction that bears no life,IT only destroys and creates no life for ITS WOMB is the womb of DEATH and all whom are Alive can see IT...

Here is what they have created and brought upon themselves...

Dis`ease,Pestilences,Strife,Divisions,Tribulations that bring with them Perilous troubles that are beyond ITS ability to repair or to even stop what they have done...

When is ENOUGH going to be ENOUGH???

Those who follow the Beast,Beast,the BEAST have one signature and that signature is the DEATH that follows them wherever they go and whatever these ones put their hand to do, Turn away if you still desire to Live and to never perish...

Remember your childrens children that are not yet borne??? Is this what you meant for them to endure???Your wars never stop and your arrogance of this current Dis`ease has blinded you and your children call out to you but you cannot hear them and they shall Perish by your own hands. Is this what you meant for them???

Marty en`eng`ko eng`edi
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