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Message Subject The Nobody Is...
Poster Handle TT YeSHua TT
Post Content
 Quoting: Perseus7

Thats all you guys ever say yet you can never debunk anything I've shown you
 Quoting: TT YeSHua TT

Hey man. If you're Jesus, then why didn't you come the way you said you would?


 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27902425

You want the truth

because every religion has a way they think their God is come for them

they all claim to be Gods chosen but in their fooliness they failed to realied all my children are my chosen

not just a religion of my people

and my children under one roof


I SCATTered my people on purpose

Got them to think I was different dieties

divided my poeple

only for them to realize they truly are one and come from one source that takes many different forms

I am one

11 1 God

Human incarnate is one of these forms I take
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