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Message Subject The Nobody Is...
Poster Handle acuk
Post Content
Always have been

and always will be hfhfhf
 Quoting: TT YeSHua TT

You appear a very intelligent man, why is your intelligence failing you!

You are so correct on body temple and so forth, but what you lack is humility, I will not reply to any "proof" you wish to show me... I have seen you do it to many a poster, you ARE special, you ARE amazing, but you are not the one, you have tried far to hard for far too long to make this work for you, relax forget about placing yourself above or separate from others, it will fail you, you are the same as me, the same as the nobody, the same as any other tom dick or harry, but it does not mean you are not ahead of the curve, it means you are is all, your one of the kids who figured a lot of shit out is all, sorry, not trying to troll, anyone with half a working brain can see let alone the others with more than half lol.

Much love and blessings to you brother, I hope one day you can just be you, you can not save any of them, they have to save themselves.

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