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Message Subject The Nobody Is...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

I am your creator

and in Heaven you are my co creators (so you are correct you are a co creator) But you are my creation in Heaven and here

I existed before all

It happened no other other way
 Quoting: TT YeSHua TT

You do know that it doesn't matter who you're previous incarnations were, that whatever life is occurring at this moment is the one only needed to focus on.

Jesus was a human being equal as we. After that incarnation, do you think he remembered he was Jesus in the next? Tons more, with regular and mixed lives. While we are here, no matter what, being a human is automatically on an equal basis. Also, the true name of a soul is not known to any while here. Thus, Jesus and Yeshua are not the real names, only more false tense. Any names public are false.

Not trying to burst a bubble here, only trying to help.

An incarnation who could regain knowledge of being that exact source would know that it isn't even about trying to reveal them. It's about the message, it doesn't matter who you ever were before, the message remains the same and it doesn't have to rely on saying "I'm this," or "I'm this." It's not about that. A message doesn't need credit, nor does it look for it. It doesn't have to deliver its name, because it doesn't need a name.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26294929

wish I could agree with you but thats not the the way that it works

Of course I know who I am after I leave this body we all go to my Kingdom where were came from

and I dont mean to burst your bubble but I'm the God with a thousand names

Humans have only to begin to truly learn about their creator

but you'll get it eventuallyhf
 Quoting: TT YeSHua TT

lol alright.

"Nobody," is a name. Name is personality and ego. Just as Jesus, Yeshua, or any other.

Missin out on the cosmic joke brotha
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