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Message Subject The Nobody Is...
Poster Handle Horus
Post Content
HAHAHAHAHA! I love how people project who they think is the nobody, and showing details of their own lives. All because they think being mysterious enough, people will believe in their statements (in return believe they are the messiah).

This is psychology GOLD! Such private and personal info being put online. So very interesting.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27836497

Everything about your personal life is online one way or another. Don't think you are ever really some anonymous kid playing the game just right. If people feel better about themselves by roleplaying messiah or mr potato head, who are we really to fault them for it. Ego is something we all are guilty of stroking or hoping to get stroked. You play a role in the game just by interjecting as the cynical outsider casting reproving glances left and right. Welcome to the puppet show of life.
 Quoting: Perseus7

it's not our game, but we are welcome to participate it seems.
all info is interesting.
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