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Message Subject **UPDATED** NASA is monitoring NO FUCKING DEBRIS approaching the ISS, it's a BIG ASS UFO!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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What are the blue, red, white, and green streaks and balls in the purple screen? Are we just seeing some type of digital static? Or is the station on dark side and camera is picking up things that are lit up?


Also can space junk stay geostationary? I picture it moving rapidly through space. Just wondering I AM NEW TO THESE THINGS.
 Quoting: Tooclosedamn!! 4087038

You have to be 10s of thousands of miles out to be geostationary
 Quoting: Hunter 0f Truth 27910954

Soo, is this all normal, the object, the flashing lights...

the stream of 4 hours ago, to the RIGHT (oops) has it all...
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