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Message Subject I have had I think a prophetic dream. I saw Angels and this is what they said..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They said that they are here to help bring peace and stop any wars. They are here to save and free the planet. they said they speak with the authority of God.
And that we must not be afraid and to believe this.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27875016

Your dream was true. They are working hard. A whole army of them.. and they are indeed directed by the Christ.
 Quoting: Perseus7

WOW....really? Think you need to pull your head out of wherever you have it shaded and look around. Epic fail on the peace & stopping wars...need to have a talk with them there angels!
 Quoting: ohnonotagain

1.This is just my interpretation. He didnt say anything.
The angels in the background were waiting and looking on. He had his raised right arm as if waiting to strike.

2.He said war is not the way and is not permitted

3.He showed me the sun going black and the moon red and told me to tell them and to tell then his name is Uriel

This is my interpretation

that if necessary to stop war he will strike the earth, that would be him lowering the sword and striking the earth with it. And that is what the angels at the back were waiting for. And that the sign of this going to happen would be the sun going black and the moon red. That that would mean he was going to strike and the Angels would do what they are waiting to do. Which I dont know
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