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Message Subject I have had I think a prophetic dream. I saw Angels and this is what they said..
Poster Handle Semper Fi
Post Content
Op thank you for sharing your dream to me it was a wasrning.

I want to share with you my experience on how I came to christ.

ps I am not catholic nor do I have any religious view on the things of God.

When I was born my mother and father brought me before the alter in a christian church to give me as an offering to God. They are christians and thats what thier taught.

In the spiritual when you give someone to God believe me he will protect in ways you could not imagine.

through out my life my mother would force me to go to church I hated it. When I was 14 I stopped going to church I said I do not want this religious crap. And I didn't go again until I had my experience.

I was 20 when this happened, I had no knowledge of the spiritual or supernatural. Just what was told to me as a child and stories of the bible that my mother would read me. I was dating this girl, and she was going through a difficult time. Depressed, and sad, I was outside her where she lived. I don't know how the topic came into play but I asked her if she wanted Jesus Christ in her Heart to help her with what she going through and she said YES. That's when everything changed. She starts screaming so loud and saying NO, NO, No I don't want Jesus in my heart. If you ever seen a person who possessed that's what was hapenning but at the time I did not about that.

All of a sudden The Power of God comes upon me so Powerful it was like voltage of electricity came upon my body. It was so intense that my body was trembling because of this power. No fear what soever it was this supernatural protection over me. This was the first time I experienced God's presence. When this happened and she looked at me she threw herself on her knees and covered her face screaming. I was so confused bc I had no idea what was happening. I tried touch her shoulder when I did she starts screaming that I was burning her. I was confused and had no idea what was happening I left bc at that moment I got kinda iffy.

When I get home I tell my mother my experience. And she says son what you just experienced was the Holy Spirit protecting you. She tells Go to church maybe God has a message for you. Mind you I had not gone to church since I was 14.

I decided to go to church for the first time by my will. When I get there They are singing praises and worship to God. I was in th back lol. Anyways the drummer stops playing his drums and gets on the Mic. And says the Lord has a message for someone and starts going into detail regarding the events that had just happened. My mother did not even know the person to say it was her. It struck me so hard I was like a child crying. Then the pastor comes up and says whoever wants to accept Jesus Christ as your savior please come up. I was in the back and put my head down and I thaught I have no need to go up there I believe.
So I bowed my head and thats when something amazing happened I heard from my right side Do Not Be Afraid Go Up I lifted my head so fast and turned to my right nobody was there. I was freaked out. So hesitating I go up and he tells me to pray this. Father I come in the name of Jesus Christ please forgive of my sins. Jesus I accept you as my savior please com into my. The moment I said that That experience that I had before The Power Of God comes upon me again. Thats when I fall to floor when I felt so light. When I was on the floor was when I experienced being born of his spirit he was no longer surrounding but filling me from within that is my testimony. Ever since then it's been a relationship with the lord. I have laughed with him, I have cried with him, I have joked around and he has laughed with me, I have been mad at him, I have experienced him. A relationship with him not religion. Ever since then He has revealed so much to regarding the spiritual realm. He is my Dad bc the relationship and the closeness that I have to him I can call him Dad. This is my testimony of how he brought me to him. And may it be something that brings others to him as well

God Bless
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