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Message Subject I have had I think a prophetic dream. I saw Angels and this is what they said..
Poster Handle Rene111
Post Content

The danger lies in a "false peace." There will be no peace on this earth in this age.......even when Messiah reigns, there will ultimately be chaos and war. Only when the new earth and new heavens come into being, will there be peace.
 Quoting: Shamar

BS shamar. BS BS BS BS. There will be intervention to prevent man from destroying himself and all life on this planet, which is the goal of the Khazar Thugs.
 Quoting: God Loves ALL

I agree with the *khazar thugs* comment.....

what I disagree with you is your interpretation, or perception of your truth. You have diss'd the Word of the Most High.....and instead choose to pick your truths out of your nose.

without His Word as a plumb line, we are lost as ships at sea. You haven't studied the written word enough, its clear to see by your comments....

We all have visions, dreams and spiritual experiences. But if they don't confirm the written Word, we can know they are not from AHYH. Without His word, they are all completely subjective and without His purpose.
 Quoting: Shamar

Beloved I am here in SERVICE TO THE MOST HIGH. The FAther Himself and Michael of Nebadon, my creator of my soul long ago. I run in partnership with Jesus the 2nd Coming Organization of Abundanthope. I have experience YOU can only dream of. We come to show the way. What are YOUR PLANS for ETERNITY? I have LIVING MINE.

I have picked no truths out of my nose. I am an old soul and I know who I am and what I DO. I commune every day with these ones. Sometimes many times a day and I am a grouch today because I worked on craft most of the night while you slept. And coming here to read TRASH is not exactly my idea of fun. OP performed the service he was requested to perform, in GREAT CHARACTER I might add. So STFU because you have no knowing to speak of.

All sort of new material has been given as promised for the end of the age and you ones keep trashing material you won't even bother to READ. READ the Urantia BOOK. READ the Phoenix Journals, READ WALTER RUSSELL. READ the great stuff the rest of my team has provided to you. READ at www.wisdomoftherays.com

Ron of my team does wondrous teaching about the black games form the new that makes the net and TV . Others provide the finest of other material. We have a global team and you don't give a fat fuck, so why I even entertain you ones, I have no idea, but I do it out of LOVE and the hopes that this world will rise up and create the necessary Planetary Being they must become before they can seed other worlds. We don't want this trash on other worlds that are growing.
 Quoting: God Loves ALL

I have been reading this entire post, it has taken me some time to do so. And Thank YOU OP for posting your wonderful experience. Keep up the fight. I am grateful for you posting it and passing on his message to the world.

I must state that you ALL should listen to Candace as she is truely the real deal. Urantia Book is a great read and everyone should read it... it contains more truth than the bible does. the bible contains only a small amount of truth. Most of the bibles wording has been changed and is written as a tool for controlling everyone. Candace swears because she has been fighting this fight for along time, just like a mother that is tired of her kids not listening.

Quit quoting the bible as if you did not read the original writings in the original language then you may not have the right meaning of what you are talking about. Most of it has been altered by every type of church on earth, although the Catholic Church is the worst for changing it the most. Please read only his statement on the dream and make your comment and that is enough.

We all have the light of god inside of us... if you do not believe me try this simple thing. Close your eyes, now rub them until you see a blinding light, now how can the light be there with your eyes closed unless it is inside of you? That is your god fragment located just above your eyes in the middle of your forhead, also refered to as your third eye. This is also gods camera that video tapes your thoughts and actions thru your entire life, and at the end you get to review everything you have done or not done. You do not have to go to church to believe in god/Papa source.
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