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Message Subject I have had I think a prophetic dream. I saw Angels and this is what they said..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Thanks OP for your great and courageous message.

Unfortunately, the EGO-PATHS, Lisa Lisa, Salt, God loves all, had to come and hijack the thread with their crap and lack of real Christian humility. Instead they come in with their hacking cough of naysaying and dissent, spreading their infectious evil throughout the pages.

You people do not hear from God, and are NOT capable of discerning "familiar spirits", because the Spirit of God is not in any of you. Work out your faith with fear and trmbling, cause as with the unwise virgins, you'll be pounding at the door of the banquet. Shameful Philistines, the bunch of you.

This person came with a message, a message of hope. He/she was not bombastic about it, just gave it out as seen and heard, but like vultures, they had to alight upon it in an obscene and vulgar manner....and the dufus/ignoramous Salt who pontificated, Uriel was not an Archangel, and later saying that he and Gabriel were one and the same, what a bunch of crap/lies.

Not to mention the Catholic-Hater, lisa Lisa, who said angels don't appear to people in dreams....what angel appeared to Joseph when he was about to ditch Mary, when he discovered she was with child?, and what angel appeared to him yet again in another dream to warn him to flee to Eygpt?...Gabriel, in case you forgot, hate-filled person that tou are.

I will pray for all you dummies, that the good Lord give you the gift of humility, and the rest should follow.

Gracias de nuevo OP, por venir aqui para compartinos este mesaje real y importante.
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