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Message Subject I have had I think a prophetic dream. I saw Angels and this is what they said..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This world is built on idolatry

some worship money
some worship power
some worship success
some worship nations
some worship possessions

the list goes on

[Exactly the reason for many of today's problems. How's the ultra-wealthy and their worship of war (power & money) improved anything. There is only ONE God who you should worship. Don't be deceived]

You have fotos of family members are you worshipping them?

[Looking at a family photo and remembering good times is not a form of worship. I really hope you're able to see the dramatic difference between the two]

i have a statue of the Blessed Mother and I light a candle and pray because I Love Her and have faith in Her.What harm is there?

[Statues of ANYTHING should instantly sound warning bells if you've read (and understood) the Bible. From the OT (with statues of a golden calf, to statues of Babylonian "gods" to the NT and the idols used. God command us to do away with all images, and worship Him and ONLY Him]

I Love Her because I love Her Son [Jesus was divine conception and while she carried his fleshly body to be born as one of us, he is first a foremost God's son]

I Love Her because she gave us Him

[God gave him to us, not Mary]

She could have said no

[So you believe Mary has authority over God?]

she had free will

[not in this she didn't - Her CREATOR chose here, and HIS WILL is final].

If you had a child, say 8 years old and you said to them "You will go to your room", and they said to you "no I won't I have free will" what would your response be?

and never failed

[She's human, I'm sure she made plenty of mistakes and failed plenty of times, just like you or I]

never made a mistake

[see statement immediately above]

was perfect in everything

[the only thing perfect in everything is God the Father, and Jesus Christ the Son]. Everything and everyone else is a sinner and come short of the glory of God.]

You betcha I Love Her as I am sure He does

[Love who you wish, but don't worship or deify her in any way]
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