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Message Subject I have had I think a prophetic dream. I saw Angels and this is what they said..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Day in and day out

One has to stomach the continuos attacks..the apparitions of the Blessed Mother requesting repentence, conversion, prayers etc..are demonic according to some

Our Catholic Church is also demonic according to some

Messages of peace and love and against war are also demonic accordfing to some

then what is Holy according to YOU
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27904634

our Catholic Church is not demonic, only the ones in it that are counterfeit and are destroying this from the inside out.
Whomever can see into this knows the game the evil one is playing.

What a gem satan is displaying before THE Father and Creator of all, The TRUE CHURCH OF GOD, all but destroyed from within....except the sacraments. The pillars of Faith...
 Quoting: Angel Helper

Hi Angel Helper. You should check the other thread I just posted in and what they are saying about the Holy Eucharist verysad horrific..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27904634

This is so sad. What is wrong with this world? People are so angry and mad if you exercise your beliefs, experiences, visions, dreams and traditions that others may or may not have experienced, but are pertinent to our growth spiritually.

To me, this is pure ego. Everyone wants to tell others what to think, how to think or believe in God.

I mean,if the mean spirited replies on this thread alone is a barometer of the level of intolerance in our world these days, then there is little love left for our brothers and sisters who are not always on the same spiritual level as we may or may not be in relation to those who post their experiences, visions, intuitions, etc...

OP, it is such an eye opener to see how upset some have gotten at you and your "dream".

God Bless everyone and please let's love one another.

As I sit here reading this thread, one of my cousins is dying....
She just came home yesterday to be with her grown daughters and grand daughter after a huge fight with cancer. Some make it and some do not, it is all according to God's plan.

But I wonder what a person who has the knowledge that they will be dead soon might be thinking of in regards to meeting God. Outside of perceived beliefs and traditions, I wonder what the "core" of truth might be like.

Dreams, visions, they are all our introduction into the world of truth and spirit.
Each of us have a lifetime of perceptions, experiences, traditions that help us to form our own truth.......which is why God has to come to us as a PERSONAL SAVIOR.
We are all different in our life experiences. God acknowledges how we all come to Him according to our state in life, so in that regard, He is our Personal God. He is so awesome.
We are all drops in an unending sea of love. Each with our own life to share, our testamony of our life on this Earth and our search for our Father among our Earth family.
 Quoting: Angel Helper

Its based on pride, ego and fear.
By proving someone wrong many pretend to try to prove they are right.
But if someone is really right they dont have to show someone else to be wrong to make that point.
Its based on fear and insecurity too because many might think ..if they are right it probably means we are wrong and not saved.

Its simple ..to respect others opinions. One can advise , suggest, council but to always respect other people and what they believe in if it hurts no one.
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