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Message Subject I have had I think a prophetic dream. I saw Angels and this is what they said..
Poster Handle Shamar
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I was talking to my Grand mother who was born catholic. And was catholic for a long period of time. I asked her what happened to you to become christian when you were catholic. She said to me I beleived everything that the catholic church teaches. But then questions that I had they could not answer. She said to me the majority in catholicism have not even read the new testament to understand the truth about God. She said they are being lead not taught. I asked her what woul you say to a catholic now that you know and have had your experience directly. She said tell them on Jesus died for our sins not Mary. Come to Father Creator of all, Begotten Son Jesus who is of the Father, Holy Spirit who is of God. Don't humble yourself before a man/woman but only God not a creation but the creator. I was lied to and am Greatful to God that he revealed the truth. I have been filled with the Holy Spirit when before being in the catholic church I was empty.

No one is attacking the people within the catholic church. We are just against the teachings of the church. If a person gets a bible and reads it. Even in scripture those teachings are attacked. Even Martin Luther saw this and rebelled against the church which now they call protestant.
If true what my Grandma says how many of catholics truly read the bible. The New Testament.
 Quoting: Semper Fi 6875630

Well said......

I would only amend by stating, read the OT....the prophet's teachings. Line them up with Messiahs red letter words....

Study that.
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