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Message Subject I have had I think a prophetic dream. I saw Angels and this is what they said..
Poster Handle God Loves ALL
Post Content
In scripture it speaks of the devision of Christianity

The 10 virgins is the most perfect example. 100% Christians

5 were foolish and were left behind 50%

5 were wise and were taken 50%

By that scripture alone it reveals that when this rapture takes place 50% of christians will be left behind for various reasons and lack of understanding.
 Quoting: Semper i 6875630

Semper, there were NO christians when that was written, will you ones get that into your HEADS. And it's about the opening of the 3rd eye and raising the kundalini, it has nothing to do with religion but progress of the soul.

YOu ones have got to stop with the special shit because you are not special. The confused paul started the religion and ROME /Vatican satanized it. It is not HOLY.

Jesus told you that the FATHER is WIITHN YOU and that thru MEDITATION you connect with the FATHER and religion is your personal relationship. Now go read some Walter Russell so you understand WHAT that FATHER and the Relationship with him IS. Russell did a wondrous job of explaining. You ones who continue to make yourselves special with a religion Jesus did not start and never did support, and cannot relate to modern conditions are pious fools.

your scripture above refers to every one on the planet, no matter what religion they were raised in. This is taught in ancients texts that other avatars have also brought. Your hooking your 12 strands of DNA will raise the kundalini. On this sad planet, there will be considerably less than 50% of the souls here that will make it this time around.
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