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Message Subject I have had I think a prophetic dream. I saw Angels and this is what they said..
Poster Handle God Loves ALL
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I am starting to rethink everything. These phoenix journals are really interesting. These two people : OP and GLA, i sense a truth from them, we are in the final days. 90 percent of revelation is missing? books of scripture are hidden in the vatican? Thats not right, evil humans.

So let me get this straight, the first rapture, all the evil people will be taken away and the ones left on earth will go on the spaceships to other planets when the earth goes through a stage of being remade? You want to be left behind.

Thank you OP, I knew we were in revelations, i just didn't know we were THIS far in.

So in Heaven, we work, all eternity? No doing whatever we want for forever? What is in Heaven that is not on earth, are there hoverboards? What do we do in Heaven?

Are there any angels who would like to say something to me? What is Gods advice for me? He knows my situation.

How old is the universe? are there other races of humans? are there other planets ruled by things like an advanced civilization of dogs? Is evolution real?

What advice is there for someone who will be put into a draft for a war? What if somebody is trying to kill you, do you fight back, or let them kill you?

Sorry for so many questions, people tell me I ask to many. Please respond.
 Quoting: Clayton 23734565

I backed up thru your posts Clayton to see what you requested of me in your later post. I guess this is the one you refer too.

1) first rapture, if you got that from PJ #2, that is the first awakening. I think perhaps somebody later after the first edition changed some working, but I don't know. My own personal book is buried in a big box to compare it to online version. The star seeds are awakened in groups. Many are sleeping still and there have been 3 "raptures". The Starseeds awaken by hooking their DNA and raising the kundalini to literally suck in the light into this world. Past that i have not asked as to what that means in that one. The being filled with the HOLY SPIRIT is "rapture" not removal of people.

During the 3 days of darkness the evil will be removed, yes, that is the judgement event and actually it will be more than 3 days, but the earth cannot be out of the sun that long. There is a PAUSE in the middle called the mini stasis. Anyone on the planet in 1992 has been thru a ministasis, there was one in august of that year when we entered the photon belt and the people were not prepared. TOO bright, so you all slept thru it. Meaning your bodies were PAUSED. Imagine a paused DVD in your DVD player. Life as needed will be also paused for a period of time in the middle of the days, because they are going to do a LOT of work, besides removal, and plus an education period for some of the star seeds who will be off the planet during that time.

People and animals that humans care for will be in the ministasis. This way removal is not observed and they will allow the planet to make some changes too and some of that may interrupt tv cabals which will be repaired. This process of ministasis will be at least a couple weeks, as long as necessary to complete the to do list. the sun can shine on during it for those that need sun.

There is here today a new piece with Hazel and Uriel that has some info on the 3DDs. The world obviously will be a bit of a mess from some earth changes, particularly in some costal areas and much of the government, major business leaders gone etc. There is a massive plan in place for support of all anticipated issues and you are not to worry one iota on those details they are replete. There will be global education afterwards amongst other things. This we call the "teaching period" and then we must close the planet for a time for the big changes. All animal life will be in stasis during this closure, because anything needing to breathe oxygen could not survive the volcanism. There are millions of craft here to clean up. This is estimated at 4 to 10 years.

During the teaching period. there will hugely open contact, and many of you will be given opportunity to migrate to other worlds or even craft for a new experience. Venus is up and running and has already a few hundred thousand there and it is open for more. The plans are replete again. This will be the most wondrous opportunity any of you have engaged in that are reincarnating here and certainly also of those of us here walking the place now. It is the start of the age of light and again, the plans are replete.

As to "rapture," there was also the possibility at one time of having to completely evacuate the planet and that is the basis of the rapture story created in christianity, and that only christians would be taken off. NOPE. During what is the lONG stasis of 4 to 10 years, obviously the humans are not walking the planet and some will sleep during the time, it depends on the issues. The planetary population MUST be thinned and that is behind the moving to other worlds. There will be allowed to return, about 1 billion. Some may "sleep", some may engage in other activities. There is possibility of opening back up when there is enough clearing and living underground for a time, that is why all those underground areas were built in the first place, They can't be used during the initial cleansing though. The needed axis shift and magnetic reversal will take place then.

So forget the confusing "first rapture/migration" in pj #2, the plans have evolved. Star seeds were awakened at 3 intervals though.

2) Yes you always "work" and study, and party, and have fun and your real cosmic life starts in the heaven worlds or any other world you might go to that is not behind the veil. What is confused as "heaven" on this world is the temporary astral realms that were set up and these are partially close and will be emptied, not needed any more. There is no real work in them, it all a mental construct. I have started threads before or asked within some, what do you do in heaven for all eternity, trillions of years. there is never any good answer. You go on living as you do here, but better. You may be incarnated on more advanced evolutionary planets, or you may live on the specially created "heaven worlds". On those, you do not reproduce, but there is a full life. The lower ones of these are almost physical and there is manufacturing but not the smoking dirty factories of earth. Always in "heaven" you learn from those above you, and teach those below you. Never stops. I am on service incarnate here and certainly working! The more advanced the world, the less work to sustain the civilization though. As we lift up this world with more robotics etc, and get rid of "make work" jobs, the time spent in sustaining this planet will decrease and at some point, decline down to say 20 hours a week, with plenty of "vacation" All work will be needed, joyous, and productive. there will be abundant time for schooling, travel and the like. There will still be scientists, engineers, teachers, medical folks, social worker types, police for a time, until man needs no policing, those that grow food, all these things we have.

Even the highest heaven, the Central universe has water, air, and the like. Beauteous gardens etc but there is always work to engage in. The higher the world moves, money goes away. It become not necessary. That is part of what returning man on this world will begin to do, get off the stuff, it enslaves. Just think of the taxes alone you must hand over for your work alone. on these words, all have enough food, housing , clothing. Its just produced by those that do that work, just as now. All is shared. There will still be lists of "jobs" available. as work time decreases, there is time for everything else one would want to do and grow into. Life will initially extend to about 150 years, healthy years as true medical care comes into mode.

You have bodies of some sort on the local universe worlds. On the superuniverse worlds and the central universe, you have spirit forms, but they are still forms, and obviously require no food or water. NO meat suit.

I want you to examine "no doing what we want forever" that is of the astral realms which have no physical matter, only thought matter. you do not want that, there is no skiing, no swimming, no tennis, no xxxxxx fill in the blanks.

All worlds have tasks. Heaven is not in the sky or the astral. Heaven is on spheres and on craft. if you are domiciled on craft, obviously there is work there. I once pointed out when I had a pic here of craft around the sun, which are orvonton craft, that some who have that interest might work on craft that modify the behavior of suns. This stuff isn't "work" its joy. many of you will as you move upwards, service planets and solar systems just in such a way. Imagine the cosmos and building it............... yep you will be building it. no magic wands. This solar system was started by brining another large orb close to it which pulled off chunck of our sun that became planets. Then at some point, planets are seeded with life, where they develop for such. There are those that do that. There is no boredom in heaven and yes you will do much of you WANT OT LEARN AND DO. Some for other evolutionary worlds here that wear these type of meat suits, come down and go skiing...... Since they look similar, who would know? unless they are of course 7 or 8 feet tall or more. Some can actually make themselves shorter for a bit to pass enough to ski.

What would YOU WANT to DO FOR TRILLIONS OF YEARS of ETERNAL LIFE? Look at the stars and dream. That is what it is about. by the time you make Paradise, you will pretty much know it all. Go review the sic fi movies produced here, therein are clues at what some folks do, what cosmic life is, MINUS THE WAR SHIT.

I had somebody ask me, KIDS here where I live, if they could have flying skateboards...... now doesn't that sound fun to those that like skateboards...

3) God is inside your MIND, he is that close, he is not up there, You must meditate to connect. I suggest reading a bit of Walter Russell about God, he has been made awfully strange here. Russell will clarify how god creates. What is GOD is the hierarchy of heaven, and guess what, that is a job description too and I am in training to have my own universe some day, this is a great world to confront all sorts of problems that worlds face. you will often be on duty on worlds! And you may be on management teams of heaven. Heaven is not perfect, it even has lawyers, ok.

The other day, I posted a short blunt message from "david righter". David is here from Orvonton, the super universe. HE IS EMBODIED IN a MEAT SUIT, a reproductive meat suit, his daughter was a year old last march. Its a better meat suit has more strands of dna than man, but a meat suit never the less and he must eat, sleep and make babies like anyone else does. He is here with his consort, also embodied. They are redoing the financial system here. I don't now if he is an angel or ascendant. I forgot to ask, it doesn't matter, you become like the angels in heaven. OK. I am ascendant, my soul came out of the animal evolution on some planet in Nebadon. Angels are created beings for certain types of jobs.

anyway, David Righter was not born of woman, just like Melchizedek in the bible at the time of Abraham had no mother or father. Its really easy to make a body, takes 2 to 3 days. So he is walking here in a made to order meat suit and I want one of those, considering the earth meat suit is aging. In fact when a soul goes to the "mansion" worlds, which are training worlds, the lowest ones in heaven, you are giving a custom body. You do not take these bodies out of the dirt dear christians and take them to heaven. Your soul matrix has all the instructions for them to make you another one. OK. Get that. No offense intended, you don't know how it works, this is a world that has been kept out of knowledge.

God does not give you your job OP. If you are star seed, you still have to figure out what you came here to do. I don't even know you well enough to go run down some angel to help you. learn to quiet the mind and ask and you shall be answered but in the meantime, find what you want to do while here. As you will always do anywhere you are, that does not change.

4) How old is the universe. If you mean the whole show, trillions and trillions of years. If you mean our local universe, Nebadon, it was triggered nearly a trillion years ago, I am thinking 875 billion, but the mass forming was discovered and plans begun a trillion years ago. Michael of Nebadon came here 300 billion years ago, after the capital worlds of Nebadon were built. Our mIchael is about 2 Trillion years old. He was on duty at all sorts of things before he came to organize this universe. You could as part of your eternal life be involved with organizing new universes. There are 700,000 now and a much more than that in the making. it doesn't stop. Those that create universes and organize them are CREATOR SONS. I am going to be one someday, a shared job with my soul mate in fact. There is no limit to what you can become. only you limit yourself.

5) many races of humans. do you mean this body type? HUMANS are Higher Universe MAN and include the angels. cosmic folks, matters not the origin, angel or "man". There are many other forms than this one. It depends on the planets being seeded with life and who wins the evolutionary race. all forms walk eventually on 2 legs. there are cat people, dog people, elephant people, insect people (those praying mantis folks), and this type. And others. there are PLANT people. EBE of the craft brought down in Nevada or wherever that was, was a plant person. they make cholorphill like plants. those praying mantis folks you are supposed to fear, by the tabloids, are some of the most gentle folks around.

evolution is real but not understood properly. evolution is OF MIND, bodies are only temples for mind to grow. but mind has to grow the temples. On a planet such as this one, oceans are seeded with life which grows first plant type then animal life appears, then humans eventually. it depends on the seeding. This is a planet to create new souls from scratch. Then once life is established it can be used to seed other worlds and hasten the development of them. And there are currently aobut 5.6 trillion evoluionary planet that have produced intelligent life. one job in heaven, is seeding planets. Carrying life to them. There is a special group of angels created to do this, but ascending man can play with them. Work and observe and learn in their laboratories. That ET phone home movie, the old biologist? that symbolized the Life Carriers, he was checking out some life here and got left behind. kinda a silly story, but good enough.

I guess on this planet if you are drafted you go, they can harm your body, a lesson in soul growth obviously. you are allowed to kill in self defense. What we are doing right now is not self defense, it is taking by method of force. All goes to the intent of the soul. These ones of earth have been breeding robot people to use as war fodder and factory labor. There are movies on that too.

If you are drafted and somebody points a gun at you, shoot, for your life is valuable. Always the lessons. rough planet this is. If people wish to move to the better planets, it is earned. Usually by reincarnation, they have better meat suits on them, you want to start as a child on them.

OK, its late, this is very long, I am not going to cut it in half, read it the wall of text if your are interested. I think I covered most of the questions.
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